Chicken and Vegetable Tostadas

Happy Friday! Today is my day off, yahoo! I am going to do some Spring cleaning. Don’t worry it is snowing outside, but maybe if I clean the entire house Spring will come. My fingers are crossed:)

Are you looking for a quick, healthy dinner idea? We love making tostadas!! They are so easy and very tasty. We use whole wheat tortillas for the base. A quick note on tortillas…make sure you read the nutrition label and ingredients. Most whole wheat tortillas say they have no trans fat in the label, but in the ingredients you will see hydrogenated oils. That means there are trans fat, so be careful and choose wisely. We like Tumaro’s Gourmet Tortillas or Whole Foods tortillas. Sorry to ramble, but this is a pet peeve of mine:)

We don’t fry the tortilla. To keep it healthy, we put them under the broiler on high and they crisp right up. Josh likes chicken on his tostada, but I just use vegetarian refried beans. We also top them with taco sauce, fresh salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, lime juice, cilantro, and Josh adds cheese.

You can make these in a matter of minutes! A great meal for weeknights or when you are in a hurry. Add whatever toppings you like!!

Chicken and Vegetable Tostadas

(Printable Recipe)

Whole wheat tortillas

Chicken Breast-Josh covers his in taco sauce and grills it on our indoor grill pan
Vegetarian refried beans
Taco sauce-we use La Victoria
Shredded lettuce
Fresh lime juice

1. Turn on the broiler to high. Place tortillas in the oven on a pan. Cook them for a couple of minutes and then flip them over to heat the other side. Watch them, they crisp up quickly.
2. If you want to use chicken, smother a chicken breast in taco sauce and grill on a grill pan.
3. Cut chicken into cubes or strips.
4. Spread refried beans on the crisp tortilla.
5. Add all of the other toppings and chicken, if using.
6. Enjoy!
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  1. I’m hoping your Spring cleaning scared the winter away!! Tostadas are a staple at our house and yours look wonderful.

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