Summer Bucket List 2016

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Summer Bucket List

Today, we are sharing our Summer Bucket List for 2016! We have a lot to do! What is on your list this year? Share some of your favorites in the comments! We want to hear them!

We hope our list gives you some good ideas! Here’s to a FUN summer!

  1. Move into our house. Hopefully, SOON!
  2. Drive up the canyon and have a campfire. S’mores are a must!
  3. Eat 437 watermelons.
  4. Go to an outdoor concert at Deer Valley.
  5. Write handwritten letters to loved ones. Maybe even find a pen pal? I love snail mail:)
  6. Visit the farmers market.
  7. Plant an herb garden.
  8. Go hiking. A few hikes we want to do are Ensign Peak, Lake Mary, and Cecret Lake.
  9. Run through the sprinklers.
  10. Make homemade popsicles.
  11. Pack a picnic and go to a new park. You can find our favorite picnic recipes and tips here!
  12. Go on a family bike ride.
  13. Visit the library and read a new book.
  14. Make homemade lemonade.
  15. Watch fireworks.
  16. Eat a lot of ice cream. I will be making this ice cream and this ice cream all summer long! You don’t even need an ice cream maker!
  17. Have a BBQ with friends.
  18. Go to the zoo.
  19. Go swimming. Cannonball!!!!!
  20. Watch the sunset.
  21. Create a fun summer playlist and go on a road trip!
  22. Eat shaved ice.
  23. Go camping. This one is for the boys. I don’t camp:) Mom will stay home and watch chick flicks:)
  24. Fly a kite.
  25. Travel! On our agenda: Austin (Maria), Boston (Maria), Oregon (Maria & Josh), Idaho (Family)
  26. Make a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk.
  27. Go to a baseball game.
  28. Visit the aquarium.
  29. Go to an outdoor movie. Kettle corn is a must!
  30. Do some canning with the fresh summer produce.
  31. Go fishing.
  32. Make grilled pizza. This dough is my favorite!
  33. Water balloon fight!
  34. Blow bubbles.
  35. Sleep in. Sleeping in is sleeping past 6:00 a.m. for us! I hope we can do it at least once:)
  36. Play tennis.
  37. Build a fort.
  38. Try 3 new restaurants in Salt Lake City.
  39. Pillow fight.
  40. Service. Help someone in need.
  41. Date night-at least once a month.
  42. Make our favorite No-Bake Cookies!
  43. Try a new food truck.
  44. Buy fresh flowers, just because.
  45. Go to a garage sale. I love looking for treasures:)
  46. Get a pedicure (this one is for me, no boys allowed)
  47. Watch a new show on Netflix.
  48. Eat sweet corn for dinner.
  49. Go out for frozen yogurt.
  50. Buy a new coloring book and have a coloring session.
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  1. What a fun bucket list!! I hope you get to check off every single item on this list! 🙂

  2. I really like your blog, but WHY do you have SO MANY popups (ads) on your Blog??? I understand that they pay for time, etc. but they are very annoying and eventually cause spam and freeze up my computer. My computer is not that old and I do run virus scans every couple of weeks, so that is not the problem. I don’t have this issue with most other food blogs that I like to visit. I would appreciate it if you would think of your viewers and reconsider your advertising issues. I finally gave up looking at your new house project. Not worth it! Thank you.

    1. Hi Sherry-I am sorry you are unhappy with your experience on our site. We will look into getting this fixed! We appreciate you reading our blog!

  3. Love the summer bucket list, however, have you and your sweetie ever had a pedicure together????? My husband and I have been treating ourselves for years , pedicure and then dinner or ice cream or hmmm you decide. It’s a nice little date together and both your feet look fab. My husband does forgo the nail polish much to the distress of the nail lady.

    1. Yes! I tried twice this past winter to get my husb in for a pedicure with me but the stupid place was closed both times we went. He was good about it, but very obviously relieved. I’ll have to try again but set us an actual appointment. I’m glad to hear you and your husband are into it, Lisa!

  4. I am the queen of snail mail! My friends tell me I’m the only one who still sends Thank You notes and letters in the mail. It’s so much more personal and exciting!

  5. Good ones. Last summer was horrific and I didn’t get around to canning a single batch of anything. I’ll have to go at it again this year for sure. My husb and I are planning to go up to Smith & Edwards to root around in the treasures (similar to your garage sale goal) and see if we can find a SCUD or a Claymore. 😀 We also want to try out the Frontrunner some weekend and ride bikes around Ogden.

  6. Sweet corn, just because flowers and all the watermelon!!! This is a great summer bucket list, Maria! 

  7. Those are really great ideas. Ours is to clean rooms, finish the library reading program, finish a workbook, finish a puzzle, play outside, go to Legoland.

  8. I love the summer bucket list, I haven’t made one but we’ve already done a lot and summer is just beginning!!  Have fun!

  9. Hey girl love your list! I just got back yesterday from camping with the ladies at church! We had a lot of fun! We camped out at Lake Greeson in Kirby ,AR it was so pretty! We had 2 tents and it went really well We had sandwiches when we got there Friday for lunch then that night we had hot dogs and then s’mores! Yummy! And we swam some to so cool!

  10. My family Laughs at me but I really think that they like receiving cards , letters & vacation post cards from us. I love sending mail I just wish others would send.